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After a poor showing in the Arena, Spartacus is consigned to the Pit, a place of pain and suffering.

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original title: The Thing in the Pit

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duration: 49min



keywords: homosexuality, femalefullfrontalnudity, gladiatortraining, brutality, assassinationattempt, battle, opponent, forcedtokill, death, bet, fight, debt, pit, battleaxe, suspendedbyarms, nightmare, raining

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After a poor showing in the Arena, Spartacus is consigned to the Pit, a place of pain and suffering. After being defeated by Crixus in the arena, Spartacus is sent to the underworld to fight for Batiatus, who now is plagued by debts. There, in a place called "The Pits", the men are no longer men and are forced to kill their opponents in order to survive. After some victories, Spartacus has a dream about his wife, in which he believes he will not survive his next battle. Because of this, he agrees to die in the battle and encourages Batiatus to bet against him, only if he promises to keep searching for Spartacus' wife after his death. But things didn't result as they expected after Batiatus is attacked by two unknown men. This is by far the best episode in this first season. The story goes even deeper, new light is shed upon the characters, the fighting dynamic goes mongrel and in the midst of all of this, our hero sheds old skins for something tougher. This episode displays quite possibly the best performances from each actor. Spartacus being introduced into the Pits, is unlike the arena where he fought to honor the house of Battiatus and unlike his failed execution where he fought for his life. He was tossed into a cesspool of bloodlust and carnage; fighting in a place where the rules are "Val Tudo" and most of his opponents were savage, masochists. All solely for money. He was forced to tap into a primal nature which he did not know existed. (Perhaps noticed most, during and after his first victory on his second night at the pits.) The realization of his "transformation" was made known to him through the hallucinogenic manifestations of Sura, whom he spoke with and shared intimate moments with all in his head. The settings for their conversations were done very tastefully and almost heart-wrenching. One of the most memorable scenes, is Spartacus' first night in the Pits. After returning to the Ludus, he bathes alone and contemplates the events of that night. Andy does a masterful job at portraying Spartacus' dismay, shame, joy, surprise and wonder at what he allowed himself to do in order to survive each fight. (It is very apparent that Spartacus' mind is beginning to slip sideways and ultimately Sura keeps it from doing so.) The dueling dynamic between Ashur and Barca is also established but its eventually made apparent that the two make a good team. John Hannah remained on fire, particularly in his monologue with Remus. The prior episode introduced us to a cocky side of our hero that led to his downfall. Here, we continually see him humiliated in front of Battiatus' Gladiators and amass sympathy for where we once shook our heads at his pig-headedness. Spartacus' encounters with Sura become more frequent as the battle for his mind is waged with each life he takes in the Pits (all the while holding on for his own) The dream sequence where Spartacus believes the gods tell him to sacrifice his life, holds beautiful cinematics and a soft moment seeing Spartacus on his knees before his wife. The best shot of the entire show is at the beginning of the scene with Spartacus' final night in the pits. Each fighter in the Pits, take on an image that expresses their ferocity as fighters. (Spartacus' final opponent Ixion, wears the faces of his previously defeated opponents) Spartacus' image was simple; dirt and soot spread across his face and body. (Not unlike tribal war paint.) On this night, Spartacus is released from his cell just before the fight begins and there is a shot of Andy walking towards the pit where the right side if his face is nearly completely covered in black spot and you can only see his right eye through the blackness. This combined with his stride and imposing figure makes this short moment a visual masterpiece. He appears to be a much darker Spartacus than the optimist we knew. (This shot also manages to capture Spartacus' final resolve, the pain he's gone through to reach this point and the hope that all of this will indeed save Sura.) Although initially his fight with Ixion seemed a bit "easy" considering Ixion's skill, it can be overlooked simply because he faced a different Spartacus than the one he made eye contact with at the beginning of the episode. A part of Spartacus' lack of growth in Gladiatorial arts were most likely due to his own hubris. Having been stripped down to a base creature after losing to Crixus, he had no pride to fall back on and approached each fight with an unshakeable will to survive. The outcome of the fight paved the way for him to earn his way back into the Ludus as a Gladiator. When Battiatus summons him to inform him, the excellent make up and of course Andy's acting show a completely battered warrior who is at this point just "rolling with the punches." (A classic moment: when Battiatus tells Spartacus that Lucretia thinks he's cursed by the gods. The look in Andy's face says EVERYTHING and the very subtle, " she'd get no argument from me" just sealed it!!) Great stuff!!!! Best episode. So much to describe, too much for one review. The first two episodes had me wondering if I really wanted to watch more. The third episode told me that I do want to watch more. In the third episode, what Spartacus did at the end of the arena fight told me that this Spartacus was willing to do whatever it took to get to his wife. He said he would never do it but in the moment, he realized he had to do what he had to do. This made it more real to me than anything I had seen so far in the series.

I am so glad that the third episode made me want to watch more because "The Thing in the Pit" was the best episode so far. Spartacus went through hell with the willingness to do what he thought he had to do to end the journey for his wife. It was a choice that he took with faith when he said it was honor that he trusted. Then the fight began and something happened that changed the circumstances. John Hannah as Bataitus was superb in his acting and Andy Whitfield proved that he could go to dark places to drive his character into hell.

It was a well written and well acted episode that makes me want to see more. Bravo!


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